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Book Bank is a unique literacy support program that encourages primary school students to cultivate a love for books and read every day. Dymocks Children’s Charities developed the program in 2009, and in co-operation with the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and supports around 2,500 students in Years 3–6 from nine priority schools who are given a book of their choice from every term, every year. 

The schools currently involved are: 

Condell Park Public School
Ettalong Public School
Toormina Public School
Fort Street Public School 
Nyngan Public School
Blaxcell Street Public School 
La Perouse Public School 
Maroubra Bay Public School
Gorokan Public School
While students are encouraged to choose books within their reading abilities, Book Bank is non-competitive and success is measured by participation. Book Bank focuses on student choice, student book ownership and student engagement. It encourages children to share their books, their thoughts and their ideas about what they have read.
Book Bank is already making a difference
Here’s what some of the teachers have said!
“I have been a teacher for over 20 years and my passion has been teaching reading. If only I had the insight to know what a significant impact book selection and ownership would have on motivating students to read, I would have tapped into it long ago. I am truly amazed at what I have seen at school in the last few weeks since the books arrived. Everyone is hooked on books!” – Jesmond Zammit, Assistant Principal Ettalong Public School.
“You can see the kids are really enjoying it. Part of the process is that they are swapping and sharing the books with their friends. It’s not teacher generated it’s on their own initiative.” – Janelle Hunt, teacher, Condell Park.
“The project has become a part of our school routine. We have created ‘Book Bank time’ for 10 minutes in class after breaks and with such a great selection of books the students all love it” - Rebecca Saunders, literacy support teacher, Toormina Public School.
Formal Evaluation 
Book Bank has been formally evaluated by the Student Engagement & Program Evaluation Bureau (SEPEB), NSW Department of Education and Communities. Surveys were conducted at all schools in 2011 and follow up surveys are conducted at the end of each Book Bank year.
Results of the formal evaluation have been overwhelmingly positive. 87% of students agreed that Book Bank increased their interest in reading books. All teachers surveyed agreed that Book Bank had improved their students’ attitude to reading and that their students were reading more frequently.
Findings also showed that teaching benefitted greatly from having a wide range of current children's books in the classrooms. Families of participating students commented on the benefits of having great new books coming home on a regular basis so that siblings and parents could share them.
Importantly, Aboriginal students and boys in Stage 3 were identified as specifically responding to Book Bank and improving their reading behaviour. 
For more information, download the Executive Summary.
Cost Effectiveness
Dymocks Children’s Charities can deliver Book Bank for $50 per child per year. That is only $12.50 a term. Book Bank gives every student access to more than 60 current books in their class environment every semester, or more than 100 new books in every classroom, every year.
These books are a significant resource. We know that providing interesting, relevant and quality reading materials is fundamental to encourage students to read for pleasure on a regular basis.
Book Bank has been implemented with support from the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Book Bank is primarily funded by the proceeds from Dymocks Children’s Charities fundraising including The Great Debate, Dymocks Literary Lunch exclusive raffle program, and Dymocks in-store Round Up.
The program has also received significant funding from the other sources including:
* Blaxcell Street Book Bank was supported by a ClubGrant from Parramatta Leagues Club from 2012-14;
* La Perouse Book Bank was funded in part in 2012 by a personal donation from Adam Spencer. From 2013-2015 a Club Grant from the South Juniors continued Book Bank in La Perouse and commenced Book Bank in Maroubra Bay Public School.
Gorokan Public School received generous support of Club Toukley RSL.
ASX Thomson Reuter Foundation from 2011-13.







*Photographer: Carly Earl, Supplied by NewsLocal